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Nocroni x Nena No'cello

Nocroni x Nena No'cello

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Nena Pizza and Nocroni teamed up again! 

No’cello is the best that Italian and Dutch soil can provide, caught in the archetypal Nocroni bullet. Fresh lemons from Sorrento and floury potatoes from the Netherlands are carefully brought together in Nena’s cantina di impasto. Finally, each bottle reaches its full potential by resting for several days in the same perfect conditions that the pizzaiolos create for their famous dough. Mama Mia! 

No’cello is clear and crisp for every occasion. The atypical color and turbidity are a celebration of the breathtaking golden hour views at Villa Comunale. A lemon peel has been added to each bottle as tangible memory of the craft of its makers. 

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