• Limited batch Dutch Vodka, distilled from the finest Dutch potatoes, combining authentic craftsmanship and an innovative vision on the future of luxury spirits, as a reflection of the ambition of the Nocroni brand. Nocroni Vodka. When you like it, you like it.

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Tiny Desk

Follow the livestream of our Nocroni Tiny Desk afterwork. Decemeber 2, 18.00 C.E.T.!

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Nocroni Gift Guide

Holidays are coming! Still looking for that one perfect gift for your sweetest love, homeboy or annoying niece? Check these four hand-picked items for guaranteed success. Nocroni Gift Guide: the gifts that keep on giving.


The freshest way to enjoy nocroni vodka

Picture yourself at a nice bar with some friends, order a beer and a Nocroni Slapshot, perfectly served in the typical Dutch jenever glass, filled at 100% capacity. Take the first sip when leaving the glass at the counter, hands at your back. Enjoy by alternately sipping your beer and your vodka. Kicks you between the legs!

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  • Nocroni Vodka is more than your tastiest handcrafted premium vodka, it is a creative platform with which founders Bob and Teun, together with strong partners, simply curate and make nice stuff.

  • If we like it, we like it.

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