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Nocroni Slapshot Artwork

Nocroni Slapshot Artwork

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Nocroni Slapshot Artwork

Ink on paper, digitalized and printed on 3mm dibond

About Nocroni Slapshot

To celebrate the 5th batch of Nocroni, we re-introduce the infamous Dutch kopstoot (headbutt), or Nocroni Slapshot as we call it. Picture yourself at a nice bar with some friends, order a beer and a Nocroni Slapshot, perfectly served in the typical Dutch jenever glass, filled at 100% capacity. Take the first sip when leaving the glass at the counter, hands at your back. Enjoy by alternately sipping your beer and your vodka. Kicks you between the legs! Enjoyyyyyyyyyy

About Nocroni Slapshot Artwork

We've asked non other than the Indonesian manga artist @daptamago to make an authentic Nocroni Slapshot manga drawing. Choose your size and get some Nocroni madness into your living room!

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