Nocroni Toxic Club

Donny Summer
Donny Summer will leave his hometown Eindhoven to treat you all to heat! Sexy funk when wanted, powerful soul when needed and party house at just the right moment.

QuickBoys' common preference for raw but swinging electronic music will shift the night for sure. Techno you will die for and your mother would fall for. 

Sister Soundsystem
Not one, not two, but three angels will kick-off our night full of dazzling dirt from heaven. Sister Soundsystem will heat up uncle Donny with an eclectic mix of guilty pleasures, techno & disco.

All you need to know
Date: 1ste of July 2022
Time: 21.00-02.00
Age: 18+
Location: Take Five, Venlo
Tickets: €9,50 (only 80 available)