The brand

“Dutch craft spirits abound today, but as real vodka lovers we missed a high quality vodka from Dutch soil. A vodka with balance enough to drink on the rocks, body enough to mix with and the look of existing luxury vodka brands.”

In collaboration with Xavier Maes from LuxuriousDrinks and Jop Roeland from Oijen Distillery, Nocroni Vodka's founding fathers Bob Canters and Teun den Dekker developed a, for its alcohol percentage remarkable soft and tasty vodka, made from 100% Dutch potatoes. At the end of the distillation process, Bob and Teun personally add exactly two grams of a secret ingredient per 700ml. You can't taste it, but you can't ignore it: if you thought that vodka is always strong and intense, think again.

Nocroni Vodka is more than your tastiest handcrafted premium vodka, it is a creative platform with which Bob and Teun, together with strong partners, simply curate and make nice stuff. They share posts & playlists inspired by the Nocroni Vodka lifestyle on Instagram and Spotify. In addition, they occasionally bring the most exciting products onto the market, always with the highest quality and in small exclusive editions. And when they feel like they once in a while organize crazy parties!

If we like it, we like it.